Keep all the seating areas and beds inside your home four inches away form a wall.
Car Garage is best in south-east or north-west direction.
The best location for study room are North, East or North East.
Vastu Clinic is a Super Specialty Clinic for your house, showroom and other commercial places.
Vastu is a composite amalgam of panch tatva or five elements such as air, earth, fire, water and sky.


Vastu Clinic, a joint venture by Panchtatwa - the law of creation and Investor's Clinic, is a Super Speciality Clinic for your House, Showroom and other Commercial places.


 The Importance of Vastu Directions

Vastu Shastra is the science of orientation of directions and with the help of right implementation of Vastu Shastra, we can enhance the positivity of a household or an office space by finding the right balance with the help of Vastu Directions.

As part of Vastu Shastra, we deal with 16 different directions, each direction having a different impact on human body according to its nature. Some directions affect us positively and some adversely but each and every direction has a definite impact on our life.

By nature, South-East is a dual direction, North-West is dual direction, North-East is the most benefiting direction, by nature South-west is the most melific direction.

These directions can be broadly divided into 3 categories:-

  • Cardinal Directions
  • Diagonal Directions - Vidhisha
  • Sub diagonal Directions – Up Vidhisha

Cardinal Direction:- These are the most commonly known directions and also most important in day to day life of any household or an office. There are 4 cardinal directions-

  • North – Belongs to Lord Kuber
  • East –   Belongs to Lord Indra
  • West –  Belongs to Lord Varun
  • South – Belongs to Lord Yama

Diagonal Direction:- These directions lie between cardinal directions. These directions are most important as per Vastu Shastra as each diagonal direction is related to basic element. There are 4 diagonal directions -

  • North-East    (Eshanaya)
  • South-East –  (Aagneya)
  • South-West – (Nairutya)
  • North-West – (Vayavya)

Sub diagonal Directions:- These directions lie between diagonal and cardinal directions. These are used to observe minute results. These are 8 in number-

  • North- Northeast
  • East- Northeast
  • East- Southeast
  • South- Southeast
  • South- Southwest
  • West- Southwest
  • West- Northwest
  • North- Northwest

Determining directions and utilizing the same to generate positive energy, is a very important factor in any Vastu Shastra implementation for a household or an office location.

However, there are a few important tips that are essential to understand in order to maximize the benefit coming from Vastu Shastra. In order to gain more from Vastu Shastra, we should provide exact and accurate direction for better Vastu calculations.

We should never determine any direction by just seeing sunrise, because the Sun rises in the East of the equator and we are living in the Northern hemisphere of Earth.

Position of sunrise also changes during a year because of Uttarayan and Dakshinayan. This must be kept in mind.

Always see directions with the help of a floating disc compass.

While determining the direction for a plot - always check directions from the centre of the plot.

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Vastu Clinic has changed my life tremendously. I was deep into depression as my twin daughters were not keeping well since birth, my life was totally disturbed. There was dissatisfaction & disharmony in my house and my career was not doing well too after moving into my new house. Then i met Ms. Sonia Katyal of Vastu Clinic through reference and my life changed positively after she visited and checked vastu of my house which was full of defects. She got various remedies done for my house and suddenly things started becoming positive and now my life is back to happiness and prosperity. My due regards to Soniaji and many thanks to Vastu Clinic.
Hemant Gosain
CFO (Chief Finance Officer)
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