Keep all the seating areas and beds inside your home four inches away form a wall.
Car Garage is best in south-east or north-west direction.
The best location for study room are North, East or North East.
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Vastu Clinic, a joint venture by Panchtatwa - the law of creation and Investor's Clinic, is a Super Speciality Clinic for your House, Showroom and other Commercial places.


About Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an architectural design driven science that comes from a firmly entrenched and almost 5000 year old ancient Indian tradition of aligning the household with the five elements present in nature.

Vastu is the scientific way of correctly analyzing the arrangement of five elements of nature, so that a household gets natural benefits. Vastu Shastra realizes the fact that the whole universe is made up of five basic elements- Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space and our body is also made up of these above mentioned five elements and these five elements are aligned to our five senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight.

As per the instructions given in Vastu, these five elements should not just be present but most importantly, these elements work in perfect harmony with each other in a person’s household. It is the imbalance caused by these elements that result in unpleasant situations occurring inside any house, this is where Vastu helps in terms of correcting the course of natural balance for a household.

With the help of the instructions and teaching given in Vastu, this science teaches the individual to live in perfect balance and in harmony with these five elements of nature. Vastu is the science of arrangement of 5 these elements of nature in space, so that a perfect house can have long lasting peace and prosperity.

How Vastu Delivers Best Architectural Designs: It is these qualities of Vastu that are increasingly prompting people to look towards this ancient architectural science to solve the common riddles of a household and find peace, prosperity and experience all the pleasures that life has to offer in a synchronized manner.

Owing to all the above reasons, Vastu is fast becoming a ‘de facto’ standard in creating the perfect blend in construction, space planning, architecture, and interior design and find rejuvenate the household energy, often optimizing its very efficiency by working closely with mother-nature. This is how Vastu is helping create unique design elements that deliver long lasting peace for customers.

And when it comes to getting the right advice on Vastu, our customers need not go anywhere else. We at Investors Clinic have brought for our customers, the detailed information on Vastu for your house or office. With our Vastu Consultants, our customers can apply Vastu in their life and get rid of all negative influence which has made their life challenging and uneasy.

Contact us to book an appointment today, to experience the positive change in your life.

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Client Testimonial

Vastu Clinic has changed my life tremendously. I was deep into depression as my twin daughters were not keeping well since birth, my life was totally disturbed. There was dissatisfaction & disharmony in my house and my career was not doing well too after moving into my new house. Then i met Ms. Sonia Katyal of Vastu Clinic through reference and my life changed positively after she visited and checked vastu of my house which was full of defects. She got various remedies done for my house and suddenly things started becoming positive and now my life is back to happiness and prosperity. My due regards to Soniaji and many thanks to Vastu Clinic.
Hemant Gosain
CFO (Chief Finance Officer)
Investors Clinic Infratech Private Limited

Vastu Course

These classes will start from 1st August, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10AM to 1PM. The fee structure will be Rs.1000 for registration and Rs.15000/- as tuition fee. The classes will be conducted by Shri Manoj Kumar Juyal.   Continue Reading »

Our Guru Jee

Shri Manoj Kumar Juyal is the Patron of “PANCHTATWA-THE LAW OF CREATION”. For the past 12 yrs this Society is doing Re-search and Research .
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